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Solar Panel Universal Adjustable Tilt Mount bracket for RV's, Caravans,Boats,Sheds and Garages, Support Solar Panels from upto 100W

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  • Anodized aluminum support brackets with 100% stainless steel hardware for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Universal, works with most panel brands and types. Tilt angle can be from 0°~70°, maximize solar panel output throughout the year.
  • Tilt Mount Kit used to tilt the panels towards the sun. This works very well for increasing the amount of power it can capture, espescially in the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon. Using the tilt kit in the winter months can produce up to 50 percent more power.
  • Kit allows the solar panel to mount on the roof of an RV, on the roof of a building, on a sidewall or even on the ground.
  • This kit provides all brackets and hardware to mount the panel to just about any flat surface.Comes with 4 rails,8 mounting foot and several bolts,nuts,washers.
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