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Why You Should Choose LINKSOLAR ETFE Flexible Solar Panels

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Right now after 2016,Sunpower flexible solar panel become more and more popular ,and you might see Advertisement or people who install it everywhere.

today I will tell you the industry ,and avoid unhappy shopping experience .

From appearance ,most people can't see the difference from good quality and bad quality flexible solar panels. 

and you may just compare the prices ,which is cheap you will try,but it's a very big risk.

according our EL machine testing result. problem Sunpower solar cells are made into many kinds cheap flexible solar panels. general eye can't see the difference, and the problem does not show at start of using. may happen problem 2weeks later or 6month later or 1years laters. Some time you choose cheaper,actually you cost higher.

EL test machine on flexible solar panel

Most of the flexible solar panel produced in China have such problems,

if you already bought it and you may freezing to see this result.

why happen this ,because cheap low grade sunpower solar cell are sold to China ,

most supplier won't choose higher A grade sunpower solar cell to make the solar panels.

Different grade of sunpower solar cells

so when you buy a cheap sunpower solar panel, the real is you got cheap sunpower solar cell,the efficiency might be even lower than 15%. actually you didn't get the real high efficiency sunpower solar panels.

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Why you should choose LINKSOLAR ETFE flexible solar panel?

1.We are Manufacture ,we know the material,and we won't choose the bad solar cells to make poor quality.

2. we offer 2 years warranty .  

3. you may see others also say they offer ETFE ,but the ETFE material also have differences, and even though,most manufacture does not have A grade sunpower solar cells. and they can't give warranty. 

4. the reason why we can give warranty because we know the product well and material,we used with A grade sunpower solar cells to keep the quality well. 

5.we are not temping sellers, if you buy from other platform like ebay amazon , 3-12month later,they may do not sell these item any more, they are private label seller,and always keep to find new products and get profit at a short time.and they are not professional suppliers .you will not get any real guide but all with boast 22% efficiency Sunpower solar cells to fool people,  do you have any idea about 22-24% is mean for the Sunpower A grade cells not the trash solar cells ,and A grade sunpower solar cells are cost much much higher than problem sunpower solar cells.

6. Feedback result from Professional tech people.

By the way,the low quality solar cells though is not good for make big solar panels,but it can be used for to produce foldable solar panels which will happen less problems .and that you will see more than flexible solar panels,and you will see there have many foldable solar chargers or powerbank solar chargers are made with Sunpower solar cells.

Sunpower Solar panels

you will find the difference on material at the first touch of LINKSOLAR flexible solar panels.

and we are always here to give you advice and suggestions to help you get the best products.

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