Super quick charge 13W 2A WATERPROOF Portable Solar Charger

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13W WATERPROOF Portable foldable Solar Charger for Any Mobile Phone with

I-smart IC solar charge controller.


Stock available in US Warehouse for Camo Colour with USB for quick 2-5 day arrival.


20-22% High efficiency Sunpower solar cell

Output Voltage 5V,

Output Current 2A,

Folded Size 15.5x22cm

Unfolded size  22x57.5cm 

260g net Weight

Born for Outdoors
Using the power of three rapid charging Sunpower solar panels, this solar charger is your new best friend when you're far from home such as travel, hiking, or even during a natural disaster. Travel easy using the charger's bungee loops which can be used to attach it to a backpack, rucksack, or even camping gear. 

High Charging Speed
Charge with the high performance I-smart USB charging ports. The I-smart IC charge controller technology regulates the flow of energy ensuring that when doing things like moving from shadow to sunlight the current surge doesn't harm your device. The I-smart technology is compatible with almost all USB powered devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, GPS receivers, eBooks, tablets, Kindles and other devices.

Easy to Use
Unfold the device and expose the 13 watt solar panels in the sun and insert your devices into the USB port, the charging time depends on the intensity of the sunlight.

Easy to Carry
Not only is this solar charger incredibly convenient, it's also incredibly easy to carry. The charger is easy to slide into a backpack when it's time to head out and when you're back at home, that same slim silhouette makes it easy to store anywhere.



With a waterproof extension cable you can put it on the top of a gazebo umbrella for convenient power access in any weather rain or shine.

solar umbrella

Why buy a LINKSOLAR portable solar panel instead of an Anker panel?

The Anker panel (and most other portable panels on the market) aren't waterproof at all. Water soaking through the cheap cotton canvas and and stitching will short circuit the panel, which not only presents a fire risk but will ruin your panel.

Anker also use  PCB solar cells which are heavier per watt of energy, meaning more unecessary bulk you have to carry with you for the same amount of watts.


The onboard Ismart IC charge controller automatically detects and delivers optimal charging current for any connected device.

The panel can supply up to a peak of 5.5V with 1.5 - 2.1A (according sunshine). This means on a hot sunny day you should expect to see 1000mAh for 30 minutes and 2000mAh worth of charge for 1 hour.

Example of real time charging on a sunny day would be:

A 3,000 mAh Samsung Galaxy S7, charging at 2.0A, means you will charge a dead phone to 100% in 1.5 hours as good if not better than a standard wall charger.

More for more realistic use, in 1 hour it will give you a 70% charge on a Galaxy S7, topping up a phone that is low (30%) to full while you leave it on the ground and enjoy a lunch break at camp or having a swim at the beach.



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