LINKSOLAR 120 watt Portable Solar Panel Solar Blanket charger with A grade Sunpower Solar cell

Regular price $999.00

 It's has been designed for portability and strength. It can be folded into a compact size when not in use.


The new generation, state-of-the-art solar blanket heralds an exciting new period in solar power in a lightweight, convenient sized package.

Output Power 120W
Maximum Power Voltage 19.8V
Maximum Power Current 6.0A
Open Circuit Voltage 23.8V
Short Circuit Current 6.2A
Length (mm) 1080
Width (mm) 930
Weight (kg) 4.5
Warranty 2 Years


Packing include waterproof extention wire with Pin 2.5 socket  and battery charger.1 meter each



  • Designed for portability and strength with SunPower unique cells
  • Anti-reflective scratch resistant with ETFE coating
  • A third of the weight of an equivalent glass folding panel
  • Designed for 12v Automotive, Marine and Recreational vehicle battery systems
  • High power output, compared to glass folding aluminium panels
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